Fat Loss Tips

I’ll follow up my muscle building tips post with a few fat loss tips.  I’ll tackled the two major factors–diet and exercise.

1. Diet

Remember that at least 90% of your fat loss results are a direct result of how well you have complied with your diet.  While training methods do matter, the diet is going to be the most important factor in whether or not you lose fat.

*A good diet keeps you in a negative calorie balance for most of the time, meaning you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

*Most will find that manipulating your carbohydrate intake leads to much better results.  I’m referring to low carb approaches, etc.

*Intermittent fasting is a simple and effective way to achieve a negative calorie balance.

*It’s good to have a cheat day/meal in order to give yourself a break and boost your metabolism.

2. Exercise

Exercise serves the purpose of burning some extra calories and (in the case

of resistance training) preserving (or building) lean muscle mass.

*Traditional steady-state cardio (like walking or riding a stationary bike at the same speed) has

the advantage of being relatively easy to do.  It can be done by those who are unable to train intensely (or done by those who are fatigued from resistance training).

*Resistance training (weight lifting) has the advantage of preserving or building lean muscle mass.  Any decent fat loss program should have a resistance training component.  Body weight training also falls in this category for those who don’t have access to weights.

*High intensity interval training (HIIT) has several advantages, such as burning a high number calories in a relatively short amount of time.  It also seems to have some hormonal advantages, such as temporarily blunting appetite.

I’d recommend you read Renegade Diet Review if you’d like to invest in a high quality fat loss diet.


Exercise Ball

I’ve previously mentioned the Ab Wheel, a dirt cheap but effective way to train the abdominal muscles.

There’s another cost effective piece of equipment you can buy and use at home: an exercise ball.  They are versatile, inexpensive and great for training the abs–you can lean back on it and get a great stretch.

I’ve included a link to one that is rated highly on Amazon.com (see below), but you may want to just go to your local retail store and look around. You may also want to check out size recommendations–the one I have linked below is 75cm, but a shorter person may do better with a 65cm (or smaller).

Note: Remember that visible abs come from low body fat, not abdominal training.

The Ab Wheel

I spend a lot of time criticizing those crummy ab machines.

But what If I told you there was an very effective, simple, dirt cheap piece of equipment you could buy?  Well, there is–the ab wheel.

Got ten bucks (or less)?  Then order one and try it out.  You can click the image to buy one at Amazon, but any store/brand will do.

By the way, here’s one of the best videos I found so far demonstrating the proper use.