24/7 Fat Loss Review

24/7 Fat Loss is the latest program from Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne. I’ve followed their work for quite some time and I’ve been very impressed with the programs they create.

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I’ll start this review by telling you what you get with the program:

Component #1: The Diet Manual

This component is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the 24/7 fat loss program. A lot of people make the mistake of trying “out train” a bad diet. Trust me—it isn’t going to happen. This diet plan shows you exactly what you need to do, so be sure to follow it as closely as possible.  I think you’ll find some unique strategies that you’ve never seen before (more on that later).

Component #2: Training Manual

This is the second most important aspect of the program. As you can imagine, the workouts are designed for maximum calorie burning. The training is intense; so don’t bother buying this program if you don’t want to sweat. Remember—there are no magic bullet pills or other substitutes for hard work if you are serious about body transformation.

Component #3: Workout Log Sheets

These are just printable forms you can use to take with you to the gym. This is a convenient way to follow and keep track of your workouts.

Component #4: 24 Hour Fat Loss Timeline

This is basically a “map” of what you would need to do every day in order to maximize your results for the 24/7 fat loss program.

Component #5: Exercise Database

This e-book contains pictures and descriptions of the exercises you’ll be doing. It would be especially helpful for novices, but more experienced trainees may not need it.

Component #6: Mindset Database

This is a collection of “mind sharpening” exercises you can do to keep yourself motivated.

Component #7: The Supplementation Guide

You don’t have to take any supplements to do the 24/7 fat loss program, but this e-book has the authors’ recommended supplements for those who are interested. Just remember supplements aren’t that important and be sure to shop around for the best price if you decide to use them (there are less expensive brands than what the authors recommend).

Component #8: Pre-program Quick-start Checklist

As the name implies, this is just simple checklist of what you’ll need to get started.

Component #9: The 24/7 Fat Loss Audio Interrogation

This is a 60-minute interview done by John “Roman” Romaniello. I’d recommend you put it on your MP3 player and listen to it when you have time. It isn’t an essential part of the program, but you’ll definitely learn from it.

Now let me summarize and review the program.

Obviously the only way to lose fat is through a negative calorie balance. But this program shows you how to manipulate your calories and macronutrients in a way that maximizes fat loss. You’ll have both a cheat day and a fast day once a week.
You’ll be eating slightly lower calories on non-training days. The diet also calls for you to manipulate your macronutrient intake. Some days your diet will be a combination of protein and carbs; other days it’s protein and fats.

I can say that this kind of calorie manipulation works—I’ve used similar strategies myself when trying to get lean. I have not (yet) tried the plan of manipulating low carb days in with carb/protein days. But the rationale behind it makes sense, so I think you’d see great results with it.

You’ll do metabolic resistance style training as far as the weights go. In other words, you’ll be limiting your rest between sets and doing supersets (going from one exercise straight to another). This is not your typical bodybuilding style workout—it’s designed to burn maximum calories while you train and even afterwards. You’ll also be doing interval training on some of the days you don’t lift weights.

I also recommend this style of training for fat loss.

I’ve found metabolic training to be an effective and interesting way to burn calories while preserving muscle mass. But I must remind you again—this is not an “easy” workout.

My Conclusion:  This is one of the best fat loss programs I’ve ever reviewed.  It’s also become my new best-seller as far as fat loss/weight loss programs go.

Who is this program for?

I believe 24/7 Fat Loss program is ideal for those who are ready to transform their physiques and willing to spend eight weeks focusing on this goal. I’m really impressed with the fact that they’ve covered every aspect of fat loss: calorie, exercise, hormonal, etc.

Just be sure you are really serious before investing in this or any other program—it only works if you are willing to follow it. Please CLICK HERE and use my links if you are interested in trying this program. You’ll be supporting and honest voice in the fitness industry.

A word on upsells: you be offered the expanded version when you buy this program.   I think it is a worthwhile investment, but I want you to know you don’t have to opt in for it if you don’t want to.  Just be prepared to decide if you order.

Alternative Programs:

Joel Marion also has a more rapid fat loss program called Xtreme Fat Loss.  This one is set up for five, five-day cycles (25 days total).  This is the one I’d recommend if you are willing to take even more drastic measures to lose fat in less than a month (for those who have some kind of deadline, etc).



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