666 Strength and Mass Review (Jason Ferruggia)

Jason Ferruggia’s most recent workout program is called 666 Strength and Mass.  I was curious as to why he decided to name the program after the biblical “mark of the beast” (Revelation 13:18).  But the answer became clearer as I began looking over it: the workouts often call for six repetitions.  I still would have chosen a different name, but let’s proceed:

This program is primarily designed for hypertrophy (gains in size).  Six is an ideal rep range, Ferruggia argues, because it allows the trainee to work with an optimal % of his one-rep max.  Going too much heavier may fatigue the central nervous system.

This is very typical of his programs: simple, short workouts for maximum gains.  It is designed for a four-day split (training 4x week), but you can adapt it for training three times a week if needed.

This is one of the first times I can remember seeing Jason include any kind of machines in his training.  But I completely understand his reasons: there are times when this can be safer or more practical than using free weights  when size is your goal (stabilizer muscles start getting “fried” later in the workout).


This workout program is most appropriate for intermediate/advanced trainees who are looking to add size.  You can click here to check it out or order it–please use my links if this review has helped you.

Note: Buying this program will set you up to be part of the Renegade Inner Circle. You get your first month free with the workout, then it’s $19.95 a month afterwards.  You can discontinue your membership and cancel billing at any time.  But I’d highly encourage you to try it out for a few months–you’ll get access to loads of diet/training information for under a dollar a day.

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