Deadlift Dynamite Review

Andy Bolton

I’ve had the chance to read Deadlift Dynamite, written by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline.  I was especially interested in this e-book because Bolton was the first man to deadlift over 1000 lb. (he’s done this twice in competition).  Here are a few things you’ll learn if you decide to invest in this program:

*Why you should deadlift.

*Exercises you can do to learn proper form and get stronger in preparation for the deadlift.

*Stretches to correct tight muscles (hamstrings, hip flexors, etc.).

*How to properly execute the lift.

*How to use kettlebells as a part of your overall strength building.

*How intermediate/advanced trainees can properly cycle their training in order to get progressively stronger (Bolton shows you the exact cycle he used for his record-breaking lift).

I was also pleasantly surprised to see they also included information on the bench press and squat.


Deadlift Dynamite has over 260 pages of valuable information on strength training.  I was impressed with this product and I think it would be worth the money for those seeking to build strength.  It would be especially helpful for trainees who are thinking about competing in a powerlifting competition.  Just click here if you’d like more information on this product.


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