Hollywood X Review: Celebrity Workout Program

I’ve had the opportunity to look over the Hollywood X Celebrity Workout by Jason Maxwell and Alain Gonzalez. Let me start this review by telling you a little bit about the authors.

Alain Conzalez was a self-proclaimed “skinny weakling” before he transformed his physique. He has written best-selling books and his articles have been featured in some of the world’s most visited fitness websites. Lastly (but definitely not least), he has been a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Jason Maxwell has certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems as well as a Master’s level nutrition certification.

Now let’s talk about what you get if you decide to order this program.

Component 1: Hollywood X Main Manual

This manual gives you an overview of the program, including an explanation of its name. The “X” actually symbolizes the look that most guys are after when they think of their favorite celebrity physique. The authors go on to explain the five characteristics of a muscular physique–the five visual cues that make a man look good:

  1. Shoulders–well-developed deltoid muscles are crucial for a wide look.
  2. Traps–thick trapezius muscles make you look powerful, even with your shirt on.
  3. Upper Chest–development here is one of the most important keys to looking good shirtless.
  4. Lats–wide lats are what give you the “v taper” look (wide shoulders and a narrow waist).
  5. Quads–there’s no point in developing your upper body without having muscular legs (unless you plan on never wearing shorts).

The rest of this manual has the general principles for developing this look. The workouts are divided into three separate phases, which I’ll explain later.

This manual also explains other factors that go into building a high quality physique:

Rep Tempo–the proper way to execute each repetition in terms of lifting speed, etc.

“Potentiaion” vs. Fatigue–why training until failure is not the best option for building muscle and strength.

Antagonist Paired Sets–training in a way that opposite muscle groups are worked in the same session (chest and back, for example).

Deloading–the importance of intentionally doing less intense workouts to enhance recovery.

Recovery–Four factors outside the gym that will help you get the most out of your training.

Component 2: Hollywood X Transformation Diet

This manual is a complete guide to nutrition, which is crucial for transforming your physique. The authors will encourage you to use the Transformation Calculator (also included in the program) in order to estimate your daily caloric needs. This manual also has an overview of the basics you’ll need to know in terms of nutrition: macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats), micronutrients (vitamins/minerals), meal timing, and supplementation.

Be sure to put just as much effort into your nutrition as you do your training if you decide to try this program. You simply won’t get the full benefit if you try to get strong, muscular, and lean without paying attention to your diet.

Component 3-5: The Workout Phases

These manuals will guide you through the actual training, which is divided into three phases:

The first phase is called the Primer phase. You’ll be training with a relatively high amount of volume but low amount of intensity. The idea is to get your muscles ready for the next phase.

The second phase is called the Build Up phase. Like the previous phase, volume will still be fairly high. But you’ll also be steadily increasing the intensity in order to be ready to move onto the next phase.

The third and final phases is called the Transformation phase. By this time you have build some muscle and have laid the foundation to lift with heavier weights. The emphasis in this phase is mechanical tension–this will significantly increase both your strength and your muscle growth.

Component 6: Nutrition Calculator

As I’ve mentioned, this will be used to calculate your daily caloric needs.

Component 7: Hollywood X Exercise Video Library

You’ll have access to online videos that will show you the proper way to do each exercise.

Bonus Content:

These manuals give you the option of training extra days per week. The basic program is based on training three times per week, but these additional manuals are for those who want to train more often (4-6 days a week).

You’ll also get printable workout logs so you can record your training in the gym.


Some trainees go to the gym with the idea of looking like the next Mr. Olympia. But professional bodybuilders’ physiques are usually not that appealing to the masses. Most guys are more interested in looking like some of the impressive celebrities they’ve seen on the big screen: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, and Hugh Jackman are just a few that come to mind. These physiques are arguably more realistic role models, and quite frankly, what women are most likely to find attractive.

With this in mind, I think the Hollywood X program would be a good investment for the following:

*Trainees who want to build a lean, muscular, and aesthetically appealing body.

*Beginners who have never really followed a systematic training and nutrition program, or guys who are returning to the gym after a prolonged layoff.

*Men who are willing to put serious effort and planning into a 13-week program (both diet and training).

If this sounds like you then I think Hollywood X would be a good investment for you.  JUST CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE PROGRAM OR LEARN MORE.

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