Hypertrophy MAX Review: Phase 1

Hypertrophy Max–Phase 1


I wrote a quick review of Hypertrophy MAX a few days ago.  Since then I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the Phase 1 workout videos.  I was not disappointed–these are some of the most impressive workout videos I’ve seen.

Phase 1 of this program is called the Tension Torture Workout for Mass Control. As the name implies, this first phase emphasizes tension–putting the muscle under the strain of resistance for a prescribed amount of time during each repetition/set.

They also work on the “mind muscle connection”–training the muscles to fully contract.  I can see how this would be especially helpful for training lagging body parts.

I really like Ben Pakulski’s scientific approach to training.  I tried the calf routine yesterday and it’s the best workout I’ve had in a long time.

My endorsement for Hypertrophy MAX still stands.  Just keep this in mind for Phase 1: you probably won’t be using a lot of weight for most of the exercises.  I assume using heavier weight will come in later phases, so just trust the process (Ben definitely knows what he’s doing).

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Hypertrophy Max: Phase 1

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