Mad Scientist Muscle Review

Nick Nilsson

I’ve had the chance to check out Mad Scientist Muscle, one of the many programs designed by Nick Nilsson. Let me start this review by summarizing what you get when you order the product:

The Mad Scientist Muscle eBook: This document is the centerpiece of the program. Nilsson explains the overall training philosophy behind Mad Scientist Muscle before going into a detailed description of how you’ll be working out each day. I’ll talk about this a little more in the review.

Printable Workout Sheets: This is a summarized form of your workouts with the exercises, sets, and reps listed. It looks like it would be easy to print out and bring to the gym.

Online Exercise Database: You’ll get a username/password that allows you to see videos of exercise demonstrations.

Lean Muscle Meal Plans (Patrick McGuire BSc, RNCP, CSCS): This comes in a zip file because there are 9 different pdf files. You chose the plan that best fits your caloric needs. There’s also a low carb option.

Here are some of the bonuses you’ll also be able to download:

Classified Muscle Building—Chest: a guide for building your pectoral muscles.

Classified Muscle Building—Biceps, Triceps, Forearms: a training manual for arms.

Classified Muscle Building–Intensity Techniques: a list of various strategies for more advance lifters (forced reps, partials, drop sets, and the list goes on).

Testosterone Unleashed (by Jeff Anderson): this eBook has several helpful hints on optimizing your natural testosterone levels. I disagree with his emphasis on eating six small meals, but I think you’ll find some useful information here.

7 Fast Ways to Bust Any Plateau (Joey Vaillancourt): This author discusses how to recognize and break through stagnation in your training.


Mad Scientists Muscle is built on two main principles:

1. Planned Overtraining and Rebound

The idea is to strategically cycle your volume/intensity instead of just training with the same routine month after month.

2. Training to Change Your Physiology to Better Support Muscle Growth

Training the Nervous System

Nilsson includes Structural Training in this program. The idea is to set up your body for muscle growth with strategies that increase capillarization (for improved circulation) and train the central nervous system.


I think Mad Scientist Muscle would be very useful for intermediate/advanced trainees who want to break through strength/size plateaus. I think you’ll find cycling your training to be a superior way to get bigger and stronger. You’d have a hard time finding a more cost-effective way to buy this much training information elsewhere.

One area of disagreement: Nilsson recommends a specific brand of supplements. I’d encourage you to stick to the basics (multivitamin, creatine monohydrate, protein powder, fish oil) and shop around for the best deal. I don’t think the brand of supplements you use will make any difference.

Just CLICK HERE if you’d like to order Mad Scientist Muscle or learn more.


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