Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

Jason Ferruggia has updated his best-selling program for building mas: Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

This updated version reflects what Jason Ferruggia has learned since the first program came out in 2006*

His overall workout philosophy hasn’t changed–he still believes in workouts based on old-school, compound lifts.  But this program splits things up just a little more than the previous version, which was built more on full body training.  Here’s one of the advantages to this slightly modified approach: even intermediate/advanced trainees could use these workouts as a template for their training (I usually split my training in a similar fashion to what he’s described in this revised program).

Feel free to read my original Muscle Gaining Secrets review if you’d like more information on this program.

My recommendation for this program still stands–I think it would be especially useful for a new trainee or “hardgainer” trying to put on mass.  Just click here to to buy this program or to learn more about it.  Please use my links if this review has helped you.

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