24/7 Fat Loss Review

24/7 Fat Loss is the latest program from Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne. I’ve followed their work for quite some time and I’ve been very impressed with the programs they create.

Program Creators

I’ll start this review by telling you what you get with the program:

Component #1: The Diet Manual

This component is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the 24/7 fat loss program. A lot of people make the mistake of trying “out train” a bad diet. Trust me—it isn’t going to happen. This diet plan shows you exactly what you need to do, so be sure to follow it as closely as possible.  I think you’ll find some unique strategies that you’ve never seen before (more on that later).

Component #2: Training Manual

This is the second most important aspect of the program. As you can imagine, the workouts are designed for maximum calorie burning. The training is intense; so don’t bother buying this program if you don’t want to sweat. Remember—there are no magic bullet pills or other substitutes for hard work if you are serious about body transformation.

Component #3: Workout Log Sheets

These are just printable forms you can use to take with you to the gym. This is a convenient way to follow and keep track of your workouts.

Component #4: 24 Hour Fat Loss Timeline

This is basically a “map” of what you would need to do every day in order to maximize your results for the 24/7 fat loss program.

Component #5: Exercise Database

This e-book contains pictures and descriptions of the exercises you’ll be doing. It would be especially helpful for novices, but more experienced trainees may not need it.

Component #6: Mindset Database

This is a collection of “mind sharpening” exercises you can do to keep yourself motivated.

Component #7: The Supplementation Guide

You don’t have to take any supplements to do the 24/7 fat loss program, but this e-book has the authors’ recommended supplements for those who are interested. Just remember supplements aren’t that important and be sure to shop around for the best price if you decide to use them (there are less expensive brands than what the authors recommend).

Component #8: Pre-program Quick-start Checklist

As the name implies, this is just simple checklist of what you’ll need to get started.

Component #9: The 24/7 Fat Loss Audio Interrogation

This is a 60-minute interview done by John “Roman” Romaniello. I’d recommend you put it on your MP3 player and listen to it when you have time. It isn’t an essential part of the program, but you’ll definitely learn from it.

Now let me summarize and review the program.

Obviously the only way to lose fat is through a negative calorie balance. But this program shows you how to manipulate your calories and macronutrients in a way that maximizes fat loss. You’ll have both a cheat day and a fast day once a week.
You’ll be eating slightly lower calories on non-training days. The diet also calls for you to manipulate your macronutrient intake. Some days your diet will be a combination of protein and carbs; other days it’s protein and fats.

I can say that this kind of calorie manipulation works—I’ve used similar strategies myself when trying to get lean. I have not (yet) tried the plan of manipulating low carb days in with carb/protein days. But the rationale behind it makes sense, so I think you’d see great results with it.

You’ll do metabolic resistance style training as far as the weights go. In other words, you’ll be limiting your rest between sets and doing supersets (going from one exercise straight to another). This is not your typical bodybuilding style workout—it’s designed to burn maximum calories while you train and even afterwards. You’ll also be doing interval training on some of the days you don’t lift weights.

I also recommend this style of training for fat loss.

I’ve found metabolic training to be an effective and interesting way to burn calories while preserving muscle mass. But I must remind you again—this is not an “easy” workout.

My Conclusion:  This is one of the best fat loss programs I’ve ever reviewed.  It’s also become my new best-seller as far as fat loss/weight loss programs go.

Who is this program for?

I believe 24/7 Fat Loss program is ideal for those who are ready to transform their physiques and willing to spend eight weeks focusing on this goal. I’m really impressed with the fact that they’ve covered every aspect of fat loss: calorie, exercise, hormonal, etc.

Just be sure you are really serious before investing in this or any other program—it only works if you are willing to follow it. Please CLICK HERE and use my links if you are interested in trying this program. You’ll be supporting and honest voice in the fitness industry.

A word on upsells: you be offered the expanded version when you buy this program.   I think it is a worthwhile investment, but I want you to know you don’t have to opt in for it if you don’t want to.  Just be prepared to decide if you order.

Alternative Programs:

Joel Marion also has a more rapid fat loss program called Xtreme Fat Loss.  This one is set up for five, five-day cycles (25 days total).  This is the one I’d recommend if you are willing to take even more drastic measures to lose fat in less than a month (for those who have some kind of deadline, etc).



Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth Review

There’s an e-book out based on the routines and philosophy of a bodybuilding legend.   The book is entitled Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth (by Alan Palmieri).

Vince is probably best known for his 8×8 workout system, but you’ll find several other training programs in the e-book.

I’ve really enjoyed reading through this: I learned just how much of a genius Gironda was when it comes to natural bodybuilding.  Some of the things he said decades ago were later discovered to be true.  Example: Vince believed eggs were one of nature’s most valuable sources of protein and other nutrients–he never bought into the hype about eggs being bad for cardiovascular health.

Here’s another one: Gironda discovered that some of his trainees responded better to a low carb approach to dieting (I thought this was a 90’s thing, but he was ahead of his time).

You’ll also find several training routines in this e-book.  Vince believed in training a muscle about twice a week and avoiding over-training.  He didn’t have much use for the kind of splits advocated in modern-day bodybuilding magazines. Here are a few of the training programs you’ll find:

*Train 21 rest 7

*15 Sets of 4 Reps

*3 Day Maximum Routine


I recommend this e-book.  I think it is a great resource in terms of training information and bodybuilding history.

But keep three things in mind if you decide to buy it:
1.  The book’s content isn’t neatly divided into sections (training, nutrition, etc).  Palmieri explains this in the introduction, but it took a little getting used to as I read it.   The book reads more like a narrative of the author’s conversations and interactions with Vince.

2.  You’ll probably find some things you disagree with.  Vince Gironda was outspoken and had some controversial opinions.  The author leaves it up to you to decide whether or not you agree.  I think you’ll find much of what he says makes perfect sense and is very helpful.  But you don’t have to blindly accept everything in order to benefit.

3. Be sure to choose a training program that is appropriate for your level of fitness.  Many of the routines I saw were designed for those who’ve already been training for a year or more (it’s clearly stated in the e-book).  Don’t try one of these if you are still a beginner.

Just click here to check out this product.  Please use my links if this review has helped you–you’ll be supporting and honest voice in the fitness industry.  Note: below is a coupon code (GIRONDA20) you can use for a discount (while the offer lasts).


Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training  has been around for a while and I’ve seen it endorsed by several people I trust. More importantly for me, one of my readers emailed me and gave it a positive review.

Let’s first talk about the creator of Turbulence Training:

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, is a strength and conditioning coach in Toronto, a Men’s Health magazine training expert and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Inside Fitness. He created Turbulence Training as a way to get back into shape while keeping a hectic school/work schedule.

Here’s what you get with the basic Turbulence Training Package:


Turbulence Training for Fat Loss E-book: 

I guess you could call this the centerpiece of the program. Ballantyne explains his basic training philosophy (more on that later) and what you’ll need to do if you want to get in shape.

Bonus Package #1

4 Week Bodyweight Program: No weights? No problem! This is a list of exercise routines you can do at home, using your own body weight as resistance.

30 Day Fat Loss Program: Designed to burn the maximum amount of fat within one month.

Fusion Fat Loss: This is the most advanced fat loss e-book in the program. It combines several strategies in the routines (note: this is for more advanced trainees).

Transformation Secrets: This e-book is sort of an interview format. You’ll get to read Ballantyne’s interview with two other experts in the field (one of them is Brad Pilon—I’ve read some of his other programs and he really knows what he’s talking about).

Nutrition Bonus: This explains what you’ll need to eat in order to transform your body. This is important—no program is complete without a nutritional component.

Transformation Bonuses:

Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset: As the name implies, this component deals primarily with the mental aspects of fat loss.

Measuring Your Body Fat: A guide on measuring your body fat level with either calipers or a tape measure.

Men’s Bonuses:

Busy Dad’s Workout: Designed for more advanced trainees (2 years or more of training), this e-book is built around 20 minute workouts.

Dumbbell/Bodyweight Fusion: Workouts that can be done using only dumbbells and your body weight.

Turbulence Training for Mass: Time-efficient workouts for those who want to spend a few weeks putting on muscle mass.

Women’s Bonuses:

Fit Yummy Mummy: This is a four-week program from Holly Rigsby—simple routines that can be done with body weight and dumbbells.

4 Week Turbulence Training for Women: Another four-week program, written with women in mind.

Ab Workout Bonus:

Amazing Lower Abs: Some of the exercises here may surprise you—it’s not about doing a bunch of crunches.

Turbulence Training for Abs: Like the previous e-book this is not just a book full of ab exercises. It works the abs both directly and indirectly through circuit training.

Interview MP’3

This is about an hour-long interview (3 MP’s).  I listened to this while commuting and it’s a good summary of the program.

OK, I believe I’ve covered everything in the basic package.

Now let me explain Craig Ballantyne’s basic training philosophy. The workouts are usually set up to be done three times a week and 45 minutes or less (depends on the program—a few of the more advanced programs call for 4x a week training). His routines tend to have the following:

1. A non-competing superset, meaning two weight training exercises that work different muscle groups (pushing and pulling, for example).

2. Interval Training, which is a proven method for burning fat in the least amount of time.

That’s a quick summary of how most of these routines work. Ballantyne believes following these exercise routines and eating properly will give most trainees great results without spending too much time in the gym.

What do I think? Well, I do think this is a great program.

Is it right for you? That really depends.

One thing that really stands out with Turbulence Training is time efficiency factor. I think it’s ideal for those who can’t spend much time in the gym. This, I believe, is the biggest strength of the program.

I would not, however, advise it for those who are primarily concerned with putting on mass. It does have a mass-building component, but I would recommend something like Muscle Gaining Secrets if you are a skinny guy who is more concerned with gaining mass (vs fat loss). Most of the Turbulence Training material is designed with fat loss in mind.

Let me summarize who I think this program is ideal for:

*Busy people with limited time to spend in the gym (or too busy to go to the gym at all).

*Those who are healthy and determined enough to put in some intense work during training. This is important to keep in mind—you will be working hard if you follow the program.

*Those who are willing to change their eating habits. The guidelines in the e-books are practical and designed for “real” people. But you will have to change some of your eating habits if fat loss is a concern.

If you meet these three criteria I think you will appreciate Turbulence Training. Just CLICK HERE  to order it or learn more about it.  Please use my links if my review has helped you. You’ll be supporting an honest voice in the fitness industry.