Lean Hybrid Muscle Review (Reloaded)

Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal have established solid reputations as experts in building strength, power and muscle.  I’ve learned a lot from them so it’s an honor to be able to look over one of their most popular workout program.

I’ve had a chance to review their Lean Hybrid Muscle program, so let’s start with summarizing the program components (note–this summary is based on the complete program with all the bonus material):

Program Components

Elliot Hulse

The Lean Hybrid Muscle Manual (pdf): Elliot and Mike basically explain their training philosophy. Their program is designed to combine the elements out of four types of training: cardiovascular, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongman.  This style is called High Intensity Resistance Training, also known as Hybrid Training (where this program gets it’s name).

Training Logs: Printable sheets so you can record your workout.

The Hybrid Diet:  This is the nutritional component of the program.  The diet takes you through different phases in order to maximize your lean gains and burn fat.  Some days you’ll be eating restricted carbohydrates to burn fat.  Other days are higher carbs/calories in order to fuel your workouts and muscle growth.

Meal Plans:  You can chose a meal plan based on your caloric needs (anything from 1,900 to 3,000 calories a day).

Videos: There are videos that walks you through the process of using all these components (how to choose your caloric intake, etc.).

Hybrid Muscle Growth: This is an audio interview with Roy Gutierrez.  This discussion is specifically geared towards hypertrophy (muscle size).

I think I’ve covered most of the program components, so here’s what I think:


Some guys go to the gym with one singular goal in mind, like to put on 20 lb of muscle or to increase their strength in a certain lift (like the bench press), or to just look better shirtless.  There’s nothing wrong with this–any reason to start training is a good reason.

But it’s common for trainees to have multiple goals: losing fat, getting strong, building muscle, as well as developing some speed, power, and explosiveness.  And we shouldn’t forget cardiovascular conditioning–there’s not much use in being strong if you are easily winded.  These multiple goals really come into play if said trainee wants to improve his overall fitness or become better at a sport (whether it is a competitive sport or just a hobby).  This is one of the strengths of Lean Hybird Muscle: it’s not just a bodybuilding program–it’s more comprehensive in nature.  I think many would find this multi-faceted style of training both challenging and interesting.

You may be wondering if this talk of a third type of muscle fiber is legitimate.  Here’s the deal: yes, there are two basic classifications of muscle fibers–fast and slow twitch.  But slow-twitch fibers have at least five sub-types, and one in particular (called 2c) seems to have potential to change and become more like a fast-twitch fiber.

There’s one more thing I’ll add before I get into specific recommendations: this program has been one of my all-time best sellers with very few refund requests (meaning most people who buy it are satisfied with it and don’t ask for their money back).

Does that mean it’s the right “fit” for you?  Well, I always say that there is no such thing as one perfect program for everyone.  Let me tell you who I think Lean Hybrid Muscle is best suited for:

I think Lean Hybrid Muscle would be ideal for the following:

*A trainee who is interested in strength competition, such as powerlifting or strongman training.

*Someone who wants to become a better athlete–especially for sports such as football.

*Intermediate/advanced trainees who have already built their foundation (put on some muscle) and want to work on getting lean while building strength.

*Trainees who feel their workouts are stagnant/boring and want to challenge themselves.

*People who want to do develop their conditioning/endurance without doing traditional (low intensity) cardio.

If any of these describe you I think you’d really enjoy Elliot Hulse’s workout plan. Just CLICK HERE if you are interested in ordering this program or learning more.