Muscle Milk Review

I’ve had a few opportunities to try the protein supplement known as Muscle Milk.  How would I review this one?

Well, it is a protein supplement: nothing more and nothing less.  My philosophy on protein is pretty simple–get enough of it and you’ll be fine.  There’s not some “secret formula” that will make a huge difference in building muscle.  In other words, I don’t think Muscle Milk is any better or worse than other protein shakes–it’s all a matter of your taste preference and budget.


But in fairness to CytoSport, the flavors I have tried do taste really good.  Buying it in the ready-to-drink form is relatively expensive, so you may want to buy the powdered form if you are on a tight budget. Usually what I do is just splurge every once in a while and buy it at the gym.

I like the banana cream flavor of Muscle Milk.  You can check it out at
CytoSport Muscle Banana Creme

If you are really pinching pennies you may want to go with a cheaper alternative like Optimum Whey Protein (you can buy it in 10lb bags to save money).


Big Back Lifting Grips Review

I’ve had the chance to try out Big Back Lifting Grips, so it’s time for a review.

Before I start, I’ll tell you I usually just prefer using gym chalk for my grip when I train–I’m kind of old school that way.  But here’s the problem–a lot of gyms won’t allow you to use it (and sometimes we have to train at whatever gym is available).

Big Back Lifting Grips are great for this kind of situation.  I’ve trained with them a few times and they work very well.  I keep a set in my bag in case I want a little help getting a firm grip for something like Romanian deadlift. I’ve found they are also good for some pushing movements, like bench press.

Here’s the website if you are interested in this product:

In case you are wondering, I was not paid for this review.

Exercise Ball

I’ve previously mentioned the Ab Wheel, a dirt cheap but effective way to train the abdominal muscles.

There’s another cost effective piece of equipment you can buy and use at home: an exercise ball.  They are versatile, inexpensive and great for training the abs–you can lean back on it and get a great stretch.

I’ve included a link to one that is rated highly on (see below), but you may want to just go to your local retail store and look around. You may also want to check out size recommendations–the one I have linked below is 75cm, but a shorter person may do better with a 65cm (or smaller).

Note: Remember that visible abs come from low body fat, not abdominal training.