Visual Impact Cardio Review

Rusty Moore has released a new fat loss program called Visual Impact Cardio. I’ve had a chance to look over it, so here’s my review:

The e-book introduction starts out with a simple premise: fat loss is a skill you can develop and master, just like anything else (a sport, for example). Most programs cover the basics (calorie deficits, etc.), but Rusty hopes this books will offer readers more in-depth information so they can become “masters” of fat loss. Here are just a few things he covers:

*Why short workouts can only do so much in terms of fat loss.
*Why you should primarily focus on calories burned during the workout (vs. post-workout “afterburn”).
*How interval training really works.
*How to set up your diet.
*Stubborn fat and why diet alone won’t get rid of it.
*Why he recommends separating weight training and fat loss workouts.
*A beginner, intermediate, and advanced cycle of routines, followed by a maintenance routine.

I found Visual Impact Cardio to be very well written. You’ll get the details on how fat loss works and how to properly integrate cardio work in order to maximize its effectiveness.

I also appreciate three different levels of training presented—this will allow you to start at the beginner level if needed (or start with more advanced cycles if you are in better shape).

I’ve kind of emphasized the exercise aspect of this e-book, but there’s also a lot of good information on diet. The author examines four different strategies for planning your meals and training in a way that maximizes fat loss. You should find one that works for you, regardless of what time of the day you prefer to train.

One last thing: this program also comes with printable training sheets. You could take these with you to the gym and record your workout.

I think you’d find Visual Impact Cardio to be a very helpful, practical guide to fat loss. I recommend it without hesitation. Just click here if you want to order this program or learn more.

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