Angeles City Gym: Fitness Connection Review

Yesterday I had my last workout (for the foreseeable future) at Fitness Connection Gym here in Angeles City, Philippines.  I’ve enjoyed training here and I thought it fitting to write a quick review.

Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight

I started looking for a place to train as soon as I moved here. Fitness Connection was within walking distance of our house and I was pretty impressed with their equipment.  I noticed another Westerner and asked him if he trained there.  He introduced himself as Paul, and it turns out he is the owner of the gym and a veteran professional bodybuilder (a former Mr. Britain title holder).  We spoke for a few minutes and I decided this would be my gym.

I’ve been very happy with the decision to join there–it’s the nicest gym I’ve used since living here in the Philippines (nothing against my former gyms, by the way–I still have fond memories of training at my sweaty dungeon in Manila).  They have plenty of free weights (like heavy dumbbells) and Hammer Strength equipment as well.

I’ve found the atmosphere at Fitness Connection to be very friendly.  Different types of people work out there–everything from professional bodybuilders to novice trainees.  I’ve met several expats there and also chatted with quite a few locals (Filipinos).  It’s made for a unique, enjoyable training experience.

Speaking of Paul, I actually had the privilege of training legs with him once . . . sort of.  My working set was his warm-up set.  But hey–I can still say I trained with a champion bodybuilder.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’d suggest Fitness Connection if you are looking for a good gym in Angeles City.

UPDATE:  The gym has changed ownership since I wrote this review.  I still recommend it because it looks like things are about the same.

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