Examine.com’s Supplement-Goals Reference Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to look over Examine.com’s Supplement-Goals ExamineReference Guide. I’m familiar with some of the contributors to this website, so I had a feeling it would be worth my time.  It definitely was–here’s my review:

I really like the way this reference is laid out.  You can look up any supplement and find out the possible benefits of taking it (hormonal, performance, etc.).   You can also look up a particular desired effect and see how the evidence is “graded” (A-D) based on the number of studies (grade A would be very strong evidence; grade D would be very weak/limited evidence).  I’ll show you a couple of screen shots.  Here’s part of what you would get if you looked up maca (supplement search):


This is only part of the result–if you have the reference you’ll see a grade for virtually every possible effect (libido, depression, etc),

Here’s part what you would get if you looked up an effect, like increasing testosterone:

ExamineTestosteroneKeep in mind this is not something you would want to sit down and try read all the way through–it’s just too massive for that.  As the name implies, it is a reference–something to be used when you want specific information.

I’d recommend the Examine.com Supplement-Goals Reference Review without hesitation.  It only costs $40 for lifetime access–I’d say it is worth it for the amount of money and time you could save.  Just click here if you want to check it out.



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