Arnold Press for Shoulders

Lately I’ve been doing a variation of military/overhead press known as the Arnold press (yes, named after Schwarzenegger himself).  You begin this movement with your palms facing towards you, then rotate your wrists as you push the weight up.

Arnold described the benefits of this exercise:

“To develop the front and side heads of the deltoids. This is the very best deltoid exercise I know, and I always include it my shoulder routine. By using dumbbells in this manner – lowering them well down in front – you get a tremendous range of motion.”

I’ve noticed that it this subtle variation seems to put more emphasis on the shoulders and less on the triceps compared with a standard overhead press.  It also simply adds variety to training, a benefit which should not be overlooked–mixing things up and keeping them interesting is always good.

You may want to add this exercise to your shoulder training.  Be sure to use a weight that allows you to focus on the correct form and execution.

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