Intermittent Fasting: Bodybuilding


Serge Nubret
Serge Nubret

Those who regularly read my blog know I’ve become a big fan of intermittent fasting as a way to lose fat and stay lean.  One of the questions/concerns some have is whether or not this form of diet can work for building muscle (bodybuilding).

You need look no further than the late, great Surge Nubret (aka “the black panther”) for your answer.  I believe he has one of the most muscular, aesthetically pleasing physiques of all time.

He usually skipped breakfast and just ate two meals a day.  He ate a lot of lean meat and beans/lentils, emphasizing the quality of his diet over the number of meals per day.

High quality food and a slight calorie deficit kept him within “striking distance” of his competition shape all the time–this despite eating large meals.

I’ll repeat something I’ve said before: I’m not sure intermittent fasting is ideal for a skinny guy trying to put on his first 10-15 lb. of muscle.  But I think most of us will find it is a great way to maintain a low body fat level and continue making slow, steady progress in strength and size.



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