Body Transformation: Suzanne Adonis Lanting

Suzanne's remarkable transformation
Suzanne’s remarkable transformation

Today’s post is the start of something new here at  my first body transformation interview.  This is an opportunity for people to share their journey of changing their bodies and lives.  Today’s interview is with Suzanne Adonis Lanting, a 37-year-old mom who has lost 70 lb. since giving birth.

MuscleReview: Suzanne, I’d first like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Why don’t you tell my readers a little bit of basic information about yourself (where you live, what you do, etc.).

Suzanne: Thank you for your interest in my health & fitness journey. I truly enjoy sharing my story and hope to motivate others. I’m  Suzanne Adonis Lanting, 37yrs old, of Honolulu Hawaii. I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Hawaii since I was 5.  I’m the 10th out of 10 brothers and sisters: 7 girls and 3 boys (all in HI).  I have a younger half brother still living in the mainland.  I have three children: Taylor, my 18-year-old daughter; Sevin, my 15-year-old stepson; and Siene Rayne, my 17-month-old daughter.

Professionally speaking I’m in real estate sales, an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, sales manager/business development, a certified fitness trainer, and my husband owns Hardcore 808 Nutrition Co (a supplement/nutrition store).

MuscleReview: How would you describe your level of fitness before your pregnancy? Good? Average?

Suzanne: My fitness level was good. I was always into fitness…gym, weight training, hiking, running, etc. But I was definitely not at the top level of fitness compared to where I am currently.

MuscleReview: Was your pregnancy healthy in terms of the amount of weight you gained?

Suzanne: I gained 57 lb. during this pregnancy, so that’s not considered healthy. I even worked out, hiked and ate clean most times (with the exception of the typical pregnancy cravings).  But I have seem to have a tendency to gain a lot when I’m pregnant–this happened during my first pregnancy.

MuscleReview: What made you decide to do this remarkable transformation and how did you get started?

Suzanne: First of all, I developed problems with my feet due to the excess weight I carried. I had to go physical therapy for it, was not able to wear heels, and had to wear corrective inserts in my shoes. I felt so insecure and unhappy with my body, my clothes didn’t fit the same, and I refused to buy bigger sizes. My energy levels were  horrible and I didn’t want to live my life like that. So I set a goal and was determined to achieve it. That’s where it all began!

MuscleReview: It looks like your fat loss was slow and steady. Did you ever get impatient?

Absolutely! I breastfed for 7 months, so I didn’t go on any crazy diets–my baby needed all the nutrition she could get! As much as I wanted to get fit fast, my baby’s nutrition came first.  I had to be patient and rely mainly on healthy eating and squeezing in whatever workouts I could get.  I worked out at home when baby was asleep, in between household chores and even at work since I am self employed. I also waited for my husband to come home from work just so that I could go to the gym.

MuscleReview: Give us a summary of how you set up your diet/exercise (just the basics).

Suzanne: I ate every 2-3 hours.  I always included a lot of vegetables because I love them and can’t eat anything without them.  I had lean protein in every meal and fresh fruits early in the day.  I also tried to stick complex carbs.

It was a slow start for me because I wasn’t in great shape when I started.   I started working out at home with whatever weights I had and the pull-up bars.  I did a lot of circuit training with minimal rest in between sets. I did this whenever my baby napped. I made sure I got some kind of workout in, even if it was just a short one. I would drive to the gym to do cardio after my husband came home in the evenings when I was able.

MuscleReview: It looks like you’ve done some competing. How did that turn out? Do you plan to do more of it?

Suzanne: I had no intention of competing when I first started this journey.  But I was excited by the results I was seeing, so I set another goal.  I decided to compete at a local show, and even joined another one the following week.  I didn’t place in the top five, but I was just proud of myself for having the courage to do it.  I was proud of all the hard work I had done and I wanted to show others they could do the same.  It just takes dedication and hard work–no “secrets” or magical pills.  It all comes down to healthy eating and the right workouts!

I will be competing for Mrs. Hawaii United States 2013 this April. I still intend to enter other shows as well.   My heart is still in it and I have another goal: to earn my pro card some day.

MuscleReview: If you could go through this process all over again would you do anything differently?

Suzanne: There’s absolutely nothing I’d want to change since this entire experience brought me to this point and made me the person that I am today. I’m amazed that I was able to make something I wanted so bad come true. It gives me pleasure and touches my heart to be able to be part of someone’s inspiration and motivation.

MuscleReview: I’m sure many women find it challenging to get back in shape after their pregnancy. What advice/encouragement would you give to them?

Suzanne: It’s definitely challenging, but worth the end results! Going out of your comfort zone to achieve something you desire is there for you to take! There may be moments when you feel like giving up, but think about what made you start in the first place. This doesn’t happen overnight…a lot of patience, hard work, discipline and motivation is key!

Don’t stop once you start seeing results.  Keep going and you will amaze yourself at the things you can accomplish. If I can do it being a busy mom, entrepreneur, and everything in between, you can too!

MuscleReview: Thanks again for taking the time to inspire us!

Suzanne: Always my pleasure!

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