Hybrid Barbell Power Complexes Review

Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal the (creators of Lean Hybrid Muscle) have a new program: Hybrid Barbell Complexes.  I’ve had a chance to review it, so let me first tell you what you get in the program:

Elliot Hulse


1. The Hybrid Barber Power Complexes E-book:  This pdf document explains the basic philosophy and goals behind this particular program.

The authors discuss two obstacles for building strength:

Ignoring speed/power training when trying to build absolute strength.  They argue that adding this element to your training will help you break through plateaus.

Total lack of conditioning.  The better shape your are in, the harder you’ll be able to train.  Simple, huh?  But some trainees completely ignore this and limit their gains.

As you can guess, the solution here is to use these barbell complexes to help you with both (power and conditioning).  The authors give some different suggestions for how to incorporate them into your current program (more on that later).

2.  The Videos:

You’ll get access to a video page demonstrating these exercises.  You can just watch them online or download them to your computer.


I think Hybrid Barbell Complexes would be a valuable training tool for trainees at any level (especially intermediate/advanced).  But keep this in mind: it isn’t a stand-alone program.  As the authors mention, you could use these during a deload week, add them to your routine, or do them after your workout as “finishers.”  Just click here if you’d like more info–please use my links to check out this program if my review has helped you.

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