Leg Day–Bring the Pain!

Arnold on leg day
Arnold on leg day

Probably the most difficult and rewarding aspect of training will be learning to embrace leg day–a training session dedicated to squats and other leg exercises.

Training your legs will probably be an acquired taste–it will require at level of mental toughness that is different from most other workouts.  Do a few sets of bench press or dips and your chest/arms will be sore.  Do an intense squat workout and you may have a hard time walking out of the gym.  That’s just the beginning–the muscles soreness can make everyday activities (walking up stairs, etc.) difficult.

But great are the rewards for those who embrace the pain of leg day.  Well-developed thighs, hamstrings, and glutes are important for a balanced physique and for athletic power.

You will hopefully develop your mental toughness enough to actually enjoy the experience of training legs.

Are you ready to bring the pain?

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