Strength, Power, and Mass

A while back I wrote a post about strength vs. size training.   I stated that most trainees will end up making gains both mass and strength (but I did note some genetic extremes).

Here’s another observation: most  bodybuilders of old had a some powerlifting background as their foundation.  They got strong in the basic lifts (like squat and deadlift) and even joined strength competitions. Here’s a photo of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a record-breaking 710 lb deadlift:

Arnold deadlifting

Arnold refined his physique and training methods over time. But it seems exercises like the squat and deadlift were staples of his routine for years to come. He knew working out this way would bring a certain quality to his physique

I guess there are two reasons I decided to write this post.  I thought the vintage picture of Arnold was pretty cool.  But I also wanted to encourage trainees to remember the importance of building strength in the basic, compound exercises.  You’ll end up with a better-looking physique.  But you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you don’t just look strong–you are strong.

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