The Key To Successful Intermittent Fasting

I jumped on the intermittent fasting bandwagon a few years ago.  I have IntermittentFastingfound it to be a very effective, practical method for losing fat or just keeping myself from getting too fat (maintenance).

Here’s my most important tip for those who want to try it:

Don’t overcompensate when you break the fast. 

In other words, you have to discipline yourself not to go crazy and overeat once the fast is over.   This one thing has been the key to whether or not I’m successful with this kind of diet.

This is true for those doing a 24 your fast every few days (Eat Stop Eat style) or for those who skip breakfast and fast through the morning (Renegade Diet style).  Regardless of strategy you have to be disciplined.

Remember this: Intermittent fasting does not “hack” your metabolism or override the basic laws of thermodynamics (calories in versus calories out ). It is one of many dietary strategies that will work as long as you can keep a negative calorie balance long enough to see the desired results.  I do believe this kind of dieting has some hormonal advantages in term of fat loss, but it is just like any other diet (or lifestyle, or eating plan, or whatever you want to call it): calories matter.

Keep this in mind and don’t sabotage your diet by gorging yourself after you fast.

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