Jack3d Supplement Review

USPlabs Jack3d - 250 Grams - Tropical Fruit Punch

My review/experience with the Jack3d supplement.

This review is a bit unusual for a couple of reasons:

1). I don’t really emphasize supplements that much on this blog.  I think most trainees over-emphasize supplementation and under-emphasize the more important issues (such as diet and training).

2). I’m not sure any review based on one guy’s experience is that valuable.  There’s always the danger of the placebo effect, and I’m not immune to this.

Anyway, here goes:

I decided to try Jack3d after seeing several favorable reviews of it on forums, etc.  I was curious to see if any of these newer pre-workout supplements could remind me of Ultimate Orange (the one I used to take back in the 90’s, before ephedra was demonized).

I was fairly pleased with the supplement’s effect–it did seem to give me an energy boost for my workout.  I’m not sure exactly which ingredient was most responsible.  Jack3d contains 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, a common stimulant in supplements.  Apparently I tolerate it fairly well, but this was no surprise–my body just loves stimulants.


I think Jack3d is worth a try if you are an experienced trainee looking for a pre-workout supplement (I would not recommend it for beginner trainees).  Just be sure to carefully follow the instructions and beware of developing a tolerance to the stimulants. 

NOTE: The government has cracked down on 1,3-Dimethylamylamine since I first wrote this review.  Looks like the Jack3d I reviewed is no longer available–the current formula is different from the one I am talking about here. I’ll just stick with my favorite pre-workout supplment: Caffeine.


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