Steroid Alternative?

You’ve probably seen supplements advertised as “safe, legal alternative to steroids with no side effects.”  Lately it seems these kinds of products are heavily advertised on Facebook.  testabolentahnt

I’d encourage you to be highly skeptical of any such claims.  The reason is simple: the only thing that works like an anabolic steroid is . . . an anabolic steroid.

Think through this with me.  I’ll mention something I’ve already stated in my testosterone booster review.  A typical beginner steroid cycle would be somewhere around 500 milligrams of testosterone a week–significantly higher than a therapeutic dose for someone with low testosterone (much higher than natural levels).

A cycle like this would probably result in at least 15 additional pounds of muscle (maybe more) and significant increases in strength in just a few weeks.  But these gains would come with the risks of side effects.  These side effects would likely be preventable (with the right post-cycle therapy) and not life threatening, but they are a logical by-product of altering your body chemistry.  In other words, any drug that takes you beyond your genetic limit has potential side effects–period.

The purpose of this post isn’t to be pro or anti steroid.  I’m simply trying to expose what some unethical supplement marketers are doing–trying to manipulate naive trainees with false promises.  Anything that promises “steroid-like” gains is a ripoff.

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