Beer, Muscle, and Testosterone

One of the tips mentioned in the Renegade Diet is minimizing the consumption of beer (or avoiding it altogether).  Turns out this “manly” drink can have some very unmanly effects on your physique.

It doesn’t take a degree in nutrition to know beer isn’t good for you.  It is a source of empty liquid calories–alcohol alone has 7 calories per gram.

The negative effects of alcohol don’t stop there.  Alcohol is a diuretic and negatively affects hormones associated with building muscle and losing fat (cortisol, growth hormone, etc).

But beer has yet another ingredient: hops.  Hops are very high in chemicals called phytoestrogens, which act like estrogen in the body.  It seems even moderate, regular drinking with beverages containing these chemicals can produce “estrogenlike effects” in humans.  Men who have abused alcohol to the point of liver disease often suffer from testicular failure and feminized physiques.1

I’m not saying a couple of beers every once in a while will ruin your physique.   But I think you should keep this information in mind when setting up your overall nutrition plan.


1.  Alcohol Health Res World. 1998;22(3):220-7. Alcoholic beverages as a source of estrogens.

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