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Flavia Del Monte has earned my respect as fitness professional who produces high quality products. I was excited to hear about Curvalicious, her new diet/exercise program for women. I’ve had a chance to look it over, so here’s my review. I’ll first try to summarize the program:

Curvalicious Program Components

The Workout Videos

Flavia Del Monte
Flavia Del Monte

Flavia’s videos are the highlight of this Curvalicious. She splits the training into five different workouts:

Day 1: Luscious Legs
Day 2: Tummy Tightener
Day 3: Amazing Arms
Day 4: Better Back & Strong Shoulders
Day 5: Bombshell Booty

These downloadable videos are very well made—I think you would find them to be both instructive and motivational. I often use printed workout manuals, but there’s something special about being able to watch a video.

There’s something else I noticed about the workouts: a home version is available. This would be great for those who want to train at home instead of joining a gym.  Here’s a screenshot of one of the gym videos (part of the leg workout):

Training Video

Workout Guide

This is an e-book form of the workouts. You could use this as a reference if you don’t want to watch the videos or just need a reminder.

Printable Workout Sheets

As the name implies, you can print these out, take them to the gym, and record your workouts.

At Home Workout Guide and Printable Workout Sheets

The home version of the training manual and workout sheets is also available for download when you buy Curvalicious.

Nutrition Guide

Diet is extremely important for losing fat—even more important than exercise. The dietary strategy includes three types of meals: 1. Curve Meals 2. Control Meals 3. Cut Meals. The type of meal you eat will be time around your training. “Curve meals,” for example, are designed to give you energy for your workout (and for workout recovery). You are thus timing your carbohydrate intake for when your body needs them the most. Many of the other successful fat loss program use similar strategies—manipulating macro nutrients to maximize fat loss.

Fab-5 Supplements

This is a description/list of recommended supplements.  Note: I would recommend you shop around for supplements and see if there are less expensive brands than the one she recommends–especially for something as simple as multivitamins and fish oil.

Dynamic Warmup and Stretching Guide

This component is available in both video and pdf format. There are instructions on how to stretch and get warmed up.


You will have the option of buying some additional products that are not included in the basic package. Just to be clear: you do not have to buy these additions. But I’ll describe them in case you want to consider purchasing them.

#1 Meal Plans, Recipes, Online Calorie Calculator and Email Coaching: This addition will give you some extra help with preparing/planning meals.

#2 Musclicious Workout: This is an additional workout plan for adding lean muscle mass (6 weeks). This may one day be a stand-alone product.

#3 Amazing Ab Workouts: This is a more advanced version of abdominal/core training (12 workouts total). A body weight workout series is also included.

You can add any (or all) of these extras if you want to. But if you do not want to buy them just click “I would like to pass on this offer forever” at the bottom of the pages (after your initial order the basic packages). You’ll still get the basic package I have described about, regardless of your decision on the upsells.


I believe this is a well-designed diet and nutrition program. But is it right for you? I’ll try to help you answer that.

Conclusion: I think Curvalicious is best suited for women who are willing to train intensely for 4-5 days a week and are also serious about implementing a nutrition plan. I do believe you would see great results, but only if you are willing to do both. 

One final thing: you’ll need a decent internet connection to download the videos. Video files take longer to download than e-books (bigger files=longer download times).

UPDATE:  You can now get a special discount on Curvalicious by CLICKING HERE (while offer lasts).

Curvalicious Package


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