Minimalist Training Review (Jason Ferruggia)

One of my all-time best-selling workout programs is Jason Ferruggia’s Minimalist Training.  This 80 page e-book contains some of the author’s favorite routines based on his 23 years of experience in lifting/training.

Minimalist Training training clients.

As the title implies, these workouts are simple–at most three exercises.  This may not sound like “enough” if you are used to long, drawn-out training sessions.  But I’ve found this way of training to be very effective at building size and strength.

Ferruggia recommends training only three days a week for most lifters (this is another thing I agree with him on–I think this split is a good balance of training and rest). But there are options for training anywhere from 3-5 days.

There are also options for trainees at different levels, from beginner to advanced.  The beginner routines are based more on linear progression–getting a little stronger each week.  The advanced routines use periodization–strategically starting with lower weight and higher rep ranges then moving to higher weight and lower rep ranges.

I can speak to the effectiveness of these programs from personal experience.  I tried the “70’s Strength and Mass” routine and loved it–it’s still one of my favorites to this day.  Here are a few other titles of the workouts you’ll find:
*Skinny Maggot Mass Building
*One for the Money
*Two for the Time
*Double Team
*Old School Simplicity
*Three the Hard Way

I’d recommend this e-book without hesitation.

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