Grow Stronger Method Review

Elliot Hulse’s newest program is called the Grow Stronger Method.  I’ve had a chance to look over it, so here’s my review:

Elliot Hulse

This is a relatively short and simple (48 page) eBook.  It begins with Elliot’s personal story of how he got involved with weight training.  He eventually became a successful competitive strongman, but an injury caused him to re-think the way he was training.

The Grow Stronger Method is what he came up with at the end of this journey.

Review of the Workout:

I was impressed with is the beautiful simplicity of this kind of training: you could do these workouts with just a barbell and a pullup bar.  I think this program would would be especially helpful for the following type of trainees:

*Those who are interested in developing functional strength.

*Mature lifters who want to stay strong with less risks of training injuries.

*Trainees who want to keep things simple.

One thing Elliot I have in common is our endorsement of the Renegade Diet.  He also recommends it as a way to stay lean and ensure you never get too fat.

One thing I disagreed with is his promotion of a “buffered” form of creatine.  I’d encourage you to stick with regular Creatine Monohydrate–I haven’t found any real evidence that “buffered” formulas are superior (see also: Does Creatine Work?).

In conclusion, I think Grow Stronger Method would be a useful resource for the kind of trainee I mentioned earlier.  You can click here to buy it or just to learn more-please use my links if this review was helpful.


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