Summer Shape: get ready for the beach

The weather is heating up as summer draws near.  This means many of you will want to get your bodies ready for wearing swimsuits before heading to the beach, pool, or lake.  There’s still time for you to make your transformation as long as you implement the correct program.

Just remember that diet and training is the way to go–don’t waste your time on pills or ab machines.

I can recommend some different programs based on your primary goals:

1. Fat Loss–the fast track.

Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss is probably going to be the fastest way to lose fat.  His program incorporates intermittent fasting with some intense workouts.  I can’t really think of a faster way for you to lose the winter pounds.

Flavia Del Monte

2. For Women

There are two programs I currently recommend for women. Flavia Del Monte’s Curvalicious has been my top seller to date.

Another I can recommend is Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia (a great value at only 40 bucks).

3.  For Mass

Let’s say you are a beginner wanting to put on 10 or more pounds before hitting the beach.  I’d recommend No Nonsense Muscle Building (v2.0) for new trainees.  If you are more advanced and looking to break some muscle building plateaus I’d recommend Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions (MI 40).

4.  Final Touches

Some of you are already pretty close to your ideal summer shape.  Maybe you just need to drop a little of that “stubborn” fat or add a little extra lean mass (or both).  I’d highly recommend the Renegade Diet (also by Jason Ferruggia) if this is your situation.


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