Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth Review

There’s an e-book out based on the routines and philosophy of a bodybuilding legend.   The book is entitled Vince Gironda: Legend and Myth (by Alan Palmieri).

Vince is probably best known for his 8×8 workout system, but you’ll find several other training programs in the e-book.

I’ve really enjoyed reading through this: I learned just how much of a genius Gironda was when it comes to natural bodybuilding.  Some of the things he said decades ago were later discovered to be true.  Example: Vince believed eggs were one of nature’s most valuable sources of protein and other nutrients–he never bought into the hype about eggs being bad for cardiovascular health.

Here’s another one: Gironda discovered that some of his trainees responded better to a low carb approach to dieting (I thought this was a 90’s thing, but he was ahead of his time).

You’ll also find several training routines in this e-book.  Vince believed in training a muscle about twice a week and avoiding over-training.  He didn’t have much use for the kind of splits advocated in modern-day bodybuilding magazines. Here are a few of the training programs you’ll find:

*Train 21 rest 7

*15 Sets of 4 Reps

*3 Day Maximum Routine


I recommend this e-book.  I think it is a great resource in terms of training information and bodybuilding history.

But keep three things in mind if you decide to buy it:
1.  The book’s content isn’t neatly divided into sections (training, nutrition, etc).  Palmieri explains this in the introduction, but it took a little getting used to as I read it.   The book reads more like a narrative of the author’s conversations and interactions with Vince.

2.  You’ll probably find some things you disagree with.  Vince Gironda was outspoken and had some controversial opinions.  The author leaves it up to you to decide whether or not you agree.  I think you’ll find much of what he says makes perfect sense and is very helpful.  But you don’t have to blindly accept everything in order to benefit.

3. Be sure to choose a training program that is appropriate for your level of fitness.  Many of the routines I saw were designed for those who’ve already been training for a year or more (it’s clearly stated in the e-book).  Don’t try one of these if you are still a beginner.

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