Fat Loss Program for Women

I did not see many good programs designed specifically for women when I first started blogging.  I mostly promoted beginner muscle building programs (designed for guys who wanted to bulk up) or “generic” fat loss programs (designed for both men and women).

Fortunately, there is now one program I regularly recommend to female trainees who want to transform their bodies: Flavia Del Monte’s Full-Body-Licious (click to read my review).  There are a couple of things about her workouts that will appeal to women:

*The routines focus on the body parts women are most interested in training: Day 1, for

Flavia Del Monte

example, is called “Tight and Trim Thighs.”  The next day’s training is called “Showoff Stomach.”

*The exercises are arranged in such a way as to maximize fat burning.

This program also includes a section on diet, which is crucial for losing fat.  There’s a video called “Kitchen Makeover” as well as meal guides in e-book form.

Put the diet and exercise together and you’ve got an effective fat loss program for women.

But keep something in mind:  you’ll have to achieve a negative calorie balance in order to lose weight and change your body.  This means putting hard work in the gym and adjusting your diet.   What I’ve recommended here is a guide, but it’s up to you to follow it.

I’m bringing this up so you won’t waste any money on diet pills or ab machines.   These gimmicks are often promoted to a female audience, but most of them are a complete waste of your time and money.

Note: Flavia Del Monte has released a new program since I first posted this.  Here latest program is called Curvalicious, and it is also excellent.

Curvalicious Workout Video


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