Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

One of my top-selling programs for beginners and hardgainers is Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets. I’ve personally used some of Ferruggia’s intermediate/advanced workouts and found them to be well designed and effective.

Let me first tell you about the author:

Jason Ferruggia is a strength and conditioning specialist who has has trained more than 700 athletes from various collegiate and professional sports organizations.  He has over 15 years of training experience and has built a reputation around the world as an expert in weight training.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Program Components

Now I’ll describe what you get when you order the program:

Muscle Gaining Secrets (main e-book):

This is the most important document in the program: it explains Ferruggia’s overall training philosophy and has outlines of the workouts.

The author tells you the story behind his training career.  He started out as a skinny (147 lb) kid who didn’t seem to respond to weight training–this despite spending countless hours in the gym.  He eventually learned that he was training the wrong way.  He was trying to imitate the routines of professional bodybuilders instead of doing what works for genetically typical, natural trainees.

Ferruggia discusses Seven Critical Factors that one must consider when lifting weights:

1. Exercise Selection: You’ll learn the most important lifts for putting on mass and which exercises to avoid.

2. Training Volume: Most beginners tend to spend too much time in the gym.  Ferruggia will show you how to get maximum results in a time efficient manner.

3. Number of Reps: There is an ideal rep range you should be using for most of your sets.

4. Rep Speed: Should you do negatives (slowly lowering the weight) in order to maximize growth?  His answer may surprise you.

5. Rest Intervals: Keeping a reasonable limit on rest between sets helps you get the most out of your time in the gym.

6. Training Session Length: Forget 2-3 hour workouts–train for under and hour and get the most out of your body’s hormonal response.

7. Training Session Frequency: This program is built around a three day split, meaning you’ll train only three times a week.

I’ve given you a quick list of the seven factors, but the book explains them in much greater detail.  You’ll also see advice on how to best train specific muscle groups, how to eat, etc. All of this information is integrated to form a complete description of how to build strength and size.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Workout Sheets:  Printable workout sheets that you can take with you to the gym.

Areas of Disagreement–I did disagree with the author on a couple of points:

*First, Ferruggia dismissed Yohimbine as a waste of time/money.  I think Yohimbine is effective if you use it properly.

*I also disagree with him on meal frequency (sort of).  The program calls for eating six meals a day.  I personally don’t believe meal frequency is nearly as important as overall calorie balance and nutrient intake.  But I do think most guys will do better eating more frequently than the standard three meals a day–it may be hard to get enough calories without adding extra meals.  In other words, don’t be too concerned if you only eat 4-5 times a day as long as you are getting enough calories.

*You’ll see a specific brand of supplements recommended.  I’m recommend you shop around and look for the best deals on any reputable brand.


I really wish Muscle Gaining Secrets had been around when I first started lifting (over 20 years ago).  It would have helped me train more intelligently and I would have saved a ton of money on supplements.

I want to be 100% transparent: I make money/commission if you buy this program using my links.  But I’m not trying to talk you into buying something that’s not right for you.  Let me tell you who this program is best suited for:

*Beginners–those who are just starting with weight training and want to learn

how to gain their first 10-20 lb. of muscle.

*Hardgainers–skinny guys who have been trying to imitate the training of bodybuilders (training 5-6 days a week) and haven’t seen results.

*Returning Trainees–people who’ve been out of the gym for years and need to get back into lifting (some of my friends have used the program for this purpose and gave me very positive feedback).

If you fall into any of these categories I think you’ll find Muscle Gaining Secrets to be very helpful.    Just CLICK HERE to to buy this program or to learn more about it.  Please use my links if my review has helped you.

Alternative Program:

I would recommend Minimalist Training (also by Ferruggia) if you are an intermediate/advanced trainee.   The routines you’ll find range from beginner to advanced, making it very versatile (my favorite workout is the “70’s Strength and Mass”).


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