Hypertrophy MAX Review: Phase 1

Hypertrophy Max–Phase 1


I wrote a quick review of Hypertrophy MAX a few days ago.  Since then I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the Phase 1 workout videos.  I was not disappointed–these are some of the most impressive workout videos I’ve seen.

Phase 1 of this program is called the Tension Torture Workout for Mass Control. As the name implies, this first phase emphasizes tension–putting the muscle under the strain of resistance for a prescribed amount of time during each repetition/set.

They also work on the “mind muscle connection”–training the muscles to fully contract.  I can see how this would be especially helpful for training lagging body parts.

I really like Ben Pakulski’s scientific approach to training.  I tried the calf routine yesterday and it’s the best workout I’ve had in a long time.

My endorsement for Hypertrophy MAX still stands.  Just keep this in mind for Phase 1: you probably won’t be using a lot of weight for most of the exercises.  I assume using heavier weight will come in later phases, so just trust the process (Ben definitely knows what he’s doing).

Just click here if you are interested in buying this program.


Hypertrophy Max: Phase 1

Hypertrophy MAX Review

Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski’s Hypertrophy Max program: a review.

I’ve just read the e-report entitled The 6 Forgotten Facts of Hypertrophy for Igniting Colossal Gains in Size and Strength.

This e-report starts out explaining the “shiny red ball syndrome”—the tendency of trainees to keep looking for the “next great thing.” I see this all the time with supplements: something new will hit the market and naïve consumers will buy it up, believing they will become the next Arnold.

What trainees should do is focus on proven, scientifically based training principles. The following variables come into play:

-Rest Intervals (between sets and workouts).
-Repetition speed/tempo (the speed at which you move the weights).
-Load (how close the weight is to your one-rep max).
-Number of sets (per exercise/workout/body part).
-Duration (how long a training session should be).
-Frequency (how many times you should train per week).

Learning how to properly adjust these variables is the key to consistent gains in size and strength.

The e-report goes on to list six “growth factors.” The Hypertrophy M.A.X. program is designed to utilize all six ways to build muscle. They even include a few sample workouts so you can see what they are talking about.


I’ve had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of the Hypertrophy M.A.X. videos since I first wrote this review.  I was very impressed with the quality of coaching–Ben really teaches you how to get the most out of each exercise.  He really approaches things scientifically.  Here’s my video review:


One thing I that really appeals to me is learning how to get the most muscle stimulation out of an exercise without necessarily having to use heavy weights.  Don’t get me wrong–I like to build strength and lift heavy.  But learning how to train smarter  (getting more out of lower weights) will ensure you lift for years to come.

I’ll write more about it in future posts, but you can click here to check it out and learn more about ordering Hypertrophy Max.

NOTE:  You may wan to check out the review I’ve done of some of the individual phases.  This is not everything (I’m not even halfway through it), but I’ll keep writing more as I have time:

Phase 1 Tension Torture Workout for Mass Control

Phase 2 Max Density

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Phase 4 Max Volume

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MI40 Mass Intentions Review

Here’s my review of Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions (MI40) bodybuilding program.

Ben Pakulski

About the Author/Creator:

Benjamin Pakulski is a professional bodybuilder who has been featured in publications such as Flex Magazine, MuscleMag, and Muscular Development. Most importantly, Ben is a sought after coach and personal trainer for both celebrities and fitness professionals.

Now let’s talk about what you get when you buy MI40:

Mass Intelligence Training Manual:
This e-book outlines the overall training philosophy behind Mass Intentions. In other words, it answers the questions of how and why you should train the way Ben prescribes. He explains, for example, the significance of the number 40 in his system. He also describes concepts such as intentions and the neurological overload set (NOS).

Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual:
Any good program will have an eating plan, and this one is no exception. This manual describes what you should be eating—how many calories, the right ration of macronutrients (protein/carbs/fats), etc. It also explains some of the hormones responsible for burning fat and building muscle as it relates to diet. Experienced trainees may already be familiar with this information.

Printable Workout Sheets:
Not much explanation needed here—you can print these out and bring them to the gym.

Exercise Guide:
This e-book explains the proper way to train according to the principles of the program. It is fully illustrated with pictures of all the exercises.

MI40 Calendar:
This is a printable calendar with a daily checklist of what you should be doing (which body part you should be working, for example).

Mass Supplement Stack Protocol:
These are the recommended supplements for the program. As my regular readers know, I’m a minimalist when it comes to supplements. I stick with creatine monohydrate, whey protein, a multivitamin, and fish oil. I think you’d do fine by just using these, but you can read the recommendations and make up your own mind.

Audio Interrogation:
This is an interview in MP3 format. You can download it and listen at your convenience (nice way to make your time more productive).


I’ve saved the best for last. I’m a really big fan of video content. What I like about videos is

MI40 Training Video

they instruct and motivate. For me there’s just something special about seeing the training principles in action. This program allows you to download the videos or just watch them online. I’d recommend you download them so you’ll have them available at any time.

Let me explain the training principles a little further:

Intentions is a technique for getting the maximum muscle stimulation out of each exercise. These subtle changes do make a big difference. I’ll give you an example: Ben recommends you apply inward tension to the bar while bench pressing—as if you are trying to squeeze your hands together. You’ll need to use less weight when doing this, but you should really feel it in your chest.

Nuerological Overload Set is a variation on drop sets—performing a set, dropping the weight, and immediately performing the same exercise with the lower weight. The idea is to keep constant tension on the muscle you are training.

40 is a significant number in this program. Your sets, for example should last for 40 seconds, followed by this same time for a rest period. The material explains why this number is repeated throughout the Mass Intention system.

A Word on Upsells

I believe you will be directed to an upsells page if you decide to buy this program. I’ll describe both upsells, and they would be good investments.  But keep in mind you do not have to buy them—both of these are optional.

The Accelerator Package:

#1: The 40-Day Mass Consumption Meal Plans

#2: The 7-Day Detox Diet

#3: The 7-Day Primer Workout

#4: The Home Made Muscle Shakes

#5: Alkalinizing Greens Drinks

14-Day “Get Peeled” Fat Burning Package

#1: Two Weeks To Shredded Guide

#2: “Burn Fat, Not Muscle” Interval Workouts

#3: Benjamin Pakulski’s One-On-One Email Consultation

Review and Recommendation:

Obviously I make money if you use my links to buy this program. But my goal is to help you make an informed decision and get the best training information for your goals. With this in mind, I would recommend the Mass Intentions (MI40) program for intermediate or advanced trainees who are primarily interested in gaining mass.

I think more experienced bodybuilding trainees would benefit from the techniques presented here.  I think this program would be especially helpful for guys who have reached a plateau in their mass building.  One thing I really like is the idea of getting better training with less weight and less time.  Just CLICK HERE if you’d like to order the MI40 program or learn more.


NOTE:  Ben’s latest program is called MI40X: MASS INTENTIONS EXTREME 2.0. This program is longer (18 weeks) and has more content than the original.  You can CLICK HERE to read my review of it.